Apele sunt drumuri care merg și te poartă acolo unde vrei să ajungi “

-Blaise Pascal-

About Us

To develop an area, transport infrastructure needs to be developed. Starting from this recital 10 years ago, we began to take the first steps in the development of boats adapted to the transport needs of the Danube delta, both goods and people. We created versatile, fast craft to meet the need for mobility of both residents and tourists, reducing dependence on water transport infrastructure …

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Why choose us?

We have emerged as a response to the need for a new, modern boat market adapted to different geographical areas, we have grown with the increasing need for mobility of our customers, meeting their desire to provide quality services with new models many of they developed in collaboration with them.

Completed projects

The passion that leads us every day helps us to understand why the number of projects is an important milestone.


Satisfied customers

We have no doubt learned that customer satisfaction is the first factor that guarantees the future of your activity.


Quality Boats

Seriousness through quality and attention makes the Corsar brand increase its production number year after year over expectations.