Our Company

To develop an area, transport infrastructure needs to be developed. Starting from this recital 10 years ago, we began to take the first steps in the development of boats adapted to the transport needs of the Danube delta, both goods and people. We created versatile, fast-moving boats to meet the need for mobility of both residents and tourists, reducing dependency on water transport infrastructure that was not adapted to the need for rapid development of the entire area.

The explosive development of tourism in the Danube delta and in the Danube cluster launched a challenge to the nautical market in Romania. The speed of adaptation of production capacity, a high level of equipment and a good quality assurance system allowed us to come to the market for the demand.


About us

Nowadays the factory has fast and comfortable boats that are perfectly adapted for water-taxi transport from 7m to 8.5m with one or two engines, open craft designed for tourists and in small water areas where only fishing boats can go, craft adapted for spinning, birdwatching and special purpose.

From the need to deliver turn-key boats, we have developed within the factory a production line trailers / trailers for the transport of boats the so-called peridoces from the 5/6 m with the load of 750 kg to 12m with 3/4 bridges and loads 3/4 tons and a line fitting motors and electronic equipment.

The factory is in continuous development, being in the last years the largest supplier of water-taxi boats in Romania, Serbia, Croatia etc.