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The Corsar 700 bowrider is developed on the Corsar 700 tour platform, retaining all its qualities, as a novelty element has been created a space in the front for the tourists who want to take pictures, to admire the scenery.

Corsair 700 Tour, a boat designed specifically for water taxi cabs in commercial segment, transport people and cargo. A versatile boat with a comprehensive platform that can be configured in cargo; standard shipping/water-taxis and silver class. Boat having a length of 7 m and a width of 2.20 m behave very well for overall dimensions presented a good aerodynamic and hydrodynamic coefficient, This boat has been designed specifically for the carriage of passengers and their baggage over long distances and to a degree of comfort with a low cost per person, due primarily to small fuel consumption in comparison with other boats of the same segment, with a boat weight of 700 KG. It was designed to be operated mainly in inland waters with a small draught but behaves well and coastal sea, having class c design. Structure with longitudinal ribs paiol and entire length allows boat engines ranging between 100 and 150 HP.

For cargo segment can be fitted, reinforcements on horseback dumpsters and a tarp system with a low heat transfer coefficient, with full closure.

For passenger transport segment configures boat, depending on the degree of the equipment with a tarpaulin, air conditioning equipment, modular, audio systems, etc.

This boat with a length of 7 m and width of 2.20 m allows carrying 12 people in conditions of comfort, with a generous space for luggage in the bow. Canvas marching allows closing the boat if it is cold or raining times can bring out the sidewalls and the boat will remain covered under the strong sun. Also you can remove the whole canvas and you have a boat, excursions.

Corsair 700 tour slide very well with engines ranging from 100 to 150 HP, allowing him little draught to be used on trips and small channels.

  • Lungime maxima: 6,3 m
  • Latime maxima: 1,80 m
  • Inaltime de construnctie: 0,75 m
  • Înălţimea oglinzii: 0,50 m
  • Pescaj mediu: 0,18 m
  • Bord liber: 0,569
  • Masa ambarcatiunii goale: cca 250 kg
  • Număr de persoane: 8 1
  • Puterea motor CP (max): 115


  • Compoziţie: Laminat ( răsină polyester, fibră de sticlă)

Acostare / ancorare

  • Brâu de acostare din două elemente
  • Echipament de acostare: 3 tacheţi (1faţă / 2 spate)
  • Echipament de ancorare: 3 tacheţi (1 faşă / 2 spate)

Echipament interior

  • 3 banchete cu capace acces spaţii depozitare
  • 1 bancă pupa cu capac acces spaţiu depozitare
  • 1 bancă prova
  • pupitru cu parbriz
  • tapiţerie banchete
  • mochetat bordaje
  • personalizare la cerere
  • parasolar
  • Remorca transport (peridoc)
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