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Corsar 710 trip is a boat that can take up to 12 tourists on a trip, in conditions of comfort and safety, through small waters, narrow canals, but also on the Danube on medium distances.

It can be equipped, depending on your preferences, with a parasol or a modular tarpaulin that can be used both as sun protection and completely enclosed, for less friendly weather.

For the greatest comfort of tourists, the boat can be equipped with facilities similar to large boats: upholstery (standard range or business range), audio system, wi-fi, navigation system, etc.

  • Type: leisure and nautical tourism, fishing, hunting
  • Maximum length: 7.04 m
  • Maximum width: 1.86 m
  • Mirror height: 0.50 m
  • Average draft: 0.20 m
  • Free edge: 0.62 m
  • Weight with engine attached: approx. 615 kg
  • Transport capacity: 1100 kg
  • Displacement: 1715 kg
  • Number of people: 12
  • Engine power (max): 115 hp
  • Maximum speed: 45 km / h
  • Design category: D
  • Coca composition: Laminate (polyester resin, fiberglass)
  • Sandwich roof composition (polyester resin, fiberglass)

Mooring / anchoring

  • Two-element mooring belt
  • Mooring equipment: 3 cleats (1 front / 2 rear)
  • Anchoring equipment: 3 cleats (1 front / 2 rear)

Interior equipment

  • desk with stainless steel frame windshield
  • 3 benches with storage access lids
  • 1 stern bench with storage space access cover
  • 1 bow bench
  • customization on request (configuration, colors, equipment)
  • upholstery and backrest upholstered benches
  • electrical system
  • navigation lights
  • bilge pump
  • system of government
  • power supply system
  • decanter filter
  • navigation system
  • tarpaulin or parasol (biminitop)
  • engine (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki)
  • stationary tarpaulin
  • transport trailer (peridoc)
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