• Vinci: 2250 sp
  • Device: KV 30
  • Braked Axle: VGB 15 , 2 buc

Peridoc details

Peridoc built on chassis in 120/60 thermally galvanized interior and exterior galvanized, equipped with two central rails and two, four or more height adjustable lateral height support, adjustable tailgate, rubber tip, two-stage reducer of power . This peridoc can be equipped with one, two or more bridges with braking system. It is a peridoc used for medium and large boats as gauge sizes. This type of chassis can be built and adapted to customer specifications up to a length of 10 m. Peridoc is delivered fully equipped with identity card, ITP, authenticity, etc.

The H-rema 3000VGB 15 Peridoc built on a thermally galvanized chassis of 100×50 or 120×60 rectangular profile is designed for the transport of large and oversized boats with weights up to 3000 kg up.

It is a high-end / special-purpose trailer with an inertial braking system on all decks with a multi-ball system that ensures equal braking on all wheels. It can be pulled with a large class suv.

.Launching and lifting can only be done on ramps specially designed for this purpose. The plate with the LED signaling system can be easily dismantled.

Thanks to the all-wheel-drive braking system, it increases comfort and safety during transport with a weight close to the maximum admissible limit. It can be configured with two, three or four bridges and lengths of max 12 m

Large peridoc frame with 9m joint (profile 100 × 50)
Vinci 2250
Device KV 30
Braked axle VGB 15 , 2 pices
Mono Plastic Wing, 4 pices
Rubber R15C ,4 pices
Label Price
Electrical installation 256.00
RAR 523.00